Computing Consultants Archive: CityDesk Sample Templates

03/15/02 - Here's my excuse: I've been waiting for the release of SP1 so the templates could use "real" page names instead of the "FOG###" url's. Now that SP1 is out, I'll have to "fix" the templates and post them. Should only be a few days. I also plan to include a link to the demos so you don't need to download the .cty file to see how it looks.

01/26/02 - I know this page says "templates" and there's only 1 here. I'll be adding more in the next few days, I promise!

Here are some sample templates I've created. These are designed for a specific client or purpose and each one is explained in detail below. Sample content and graphics are included for illustration only. I welcome questions, comments and criticism. I'm also open-minded to creating simple templates from your suggestions.

Double click or right click and "Save Target As" to get the zipped file.

Note: Terry Kearns tested "5 page" and found that he couldn't view the "index.html" file in "Normal view" with version 1.023 of CityDesk. This is the version that Beta testers were given after the Beta. I'm using version 1.0.1, the Starter Edition I downloaded from FogCreek. This may or may not make a difference for you.

Please let me know if you have the same experience or other problems with the template(s).

5 Page

A simple site I designed for a law office. There's a home page and each attorney has his own page with picture. There's also a Directions page with a static map from MapQuest. Names have been changed to protect the "innocent".

View "5 Page" Updated for SP1